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Our Mission

Grand Canal Dock Residents Association (GCDRA) is devoted to enhancing the quality of life for its members and all the residents of the Grand Canal Dock area.

Our Focus

GCDRA focuses on four key areas:

1. Infrastructure in Grand Canal Dock

Engaging as appropriate, in the interest of residents, with local authorities, key groups, companies and committees and other relevant parties who are responsible for Grand Canal Docks, upkeep, planning and development, facilities and services and other relevant items.  

2. Building Community

Organising community events and initiatives and keeping members up to date with community activities via our social media platforms.

3. Representation on key bodies and meetings

Participation where possible, in relevant forums, committees and meetings to represent the interests of residents of the area.

4. Building the Association

To continue to grow participation by residents in the Association and recognition by and engagement with key decision makers, contributors or influencers in the area.

How We Work

Grand Canal Dock Residents Association was established in May 2015.  The committee meets every 6 weeks and we hold an annual AGM.

The GCDRA Committee

These are the current serving members.  We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.

Teresa Hackett


Erica McKinney


Marcus Reid



Michael Ingle

Vice Chair

Casper DeGroot


Hubert McCormack 

Vice Treasurer

Eoghan Whelan



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